Once you consider fuelling costs (and its environmental cost), along with anti-fouling needs, sun bleaching repairs and boat security charges if your boat is not well protected, you will soon conclude that a Faroboats Solar Docking Station is one of the soundest investments you will ever make in regarding your waterbound activities.
To Each Faro,
It's Own Powerdock®

Your Faro5 deserves its own Powerdock®. Carefree boating should include “food and shelter” for your boat. So we designed this solid, floating structure that fits your mooring spot, whether it is within a marina or by a waterfront house, recharges your Faro at lightning speed, keeps it raised up from the water and protects it from rain, sleet or sun.

Check out the Powerdock® model that better fits your Faro5, or contact us for a customized model that fully fits your needs, and enjoy your Faro5 in absolute freedom.



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