Design matters.

Pure Classic joins Ultra Modern.

The singular streamlined design of the Faro5, by Tomás Costa Lima, combined with its functionality and sustainability, makes this boat the ideal choice for those who want to sail in style, autonomously, and 100% green.

It’s hard to think about elegance and glamour without being transported to the 1920’s. It’s no wonder its imagery gets dipped upon whenever moviemakers want to convey wealth, power and elegance, whether it’s a British MI6 agent pursuing his nemesis along Venetian canals, an American tycoon gazing at his private dock in Long Island, or a French femme fatale being driven from La Croisette to her awaiting lover aboard a super-yacht in the bay.

The sheer elegance of those wooden runabouts always seems to find its way into the big screen, and it’s not by chance. They’re beautiful in their understatement, sleek but powerful, ever modern in a timeless, classy way.

Tomás Costa Lima’s challenge was to capture that timeless quality of a perfect wood finish in an ultra-modern, streamline design that could be built sustainably. He pulled it off in style.

Absolute Quietness.

A forest, a lake or a coastline are never quite quiet. The reason why you seldom listen to them is your motor. But no such think as disturbing noise will come out of a FaroBoat. You will quietly sail through the sounds you really want to hear

Zero Emissions.

Climate change is upon us. At the very least, anything we can do to fight it, we should. That is why Zero emissions is the hard limit at Faroboats.Guilt-free leisure boating at long last.

Financiamento no âmbito do programa crescimento azul 

Através do Acordo sobre o Espaço Económico Europeu (EEE), a Islândia, o Liechtenstein e a Noruega são parceiros no mercado interno com os Estados-Membros da União Europeia. Como forma de promover um contínuo e equilibrado reforço das relações económicas e comerciais, as partes do Acordo do EEE estabeleceram um Mecanismo Financeiro plurianual, conhecido como EEA Grants. Os EEA Grants têm como objetivos reduzir as disparidades sociais e económicas na Europa e reforçar as relações bilaterais entre estes três países e os países beneficiários. Para o período 2014-2021, foi acordada uma contribuição total de 2,8 mil milhões de euros para 15 países beneficiários. Portugal beneficiará de uma verba de 102,7 milhões de euros. Saiba mais em