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Faro5 Wood Conquers 1st Place in the Gussies Awards 2022

The Gussies, powered by, are the only international boating awards exclusively dedicated to electric boats. A global audience of almost 15 000 boat enthusiasts and an international judging panel of 19 e-boat experts have recognized the Faro5 Wood as Best-in-Class in the under 8m category. Over 1000 boats from 21 countries were evaluated.

“We could not ask for anything more, or anything better. This means we are currently producing the best 5-meter electric boat in the world, and that’s even before we talk about its solar-powered charging dock.” Stated Nuno Amaral Frazão, CEO of Faroboats, when faced with these great news.

Faroboats, makers of the first fully self-sustainable solution for luxury leisure boating in the world, have been steadily growing their presence across the World. This major Award confirms that Portuguese naval design is vibrant after 500 years, and that Portuguese maritime expertise is still smoothly sailing.

Press Release

Faroboats dramatically expands its distribution network across the world

We have been steadily growing our presence across the World:

Nova Luxe Yachts , will now represent the brand across 7 States in the US; SeaVolt, will be offering Faroboats down under in their 3 most significant States; and All Yacht Broker, will offer Faroboats in 4 major Regions in France.

We would like to welcome these great companies into the Faroboats family, and express our deep gratitude for their confidence in our uniquely sustainable boating solutions.

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Faroboats Brings Manufacturing Back Home by Partnering with World-Class M.A.R./Nelo

Faroboats have decided to bring all its manufacturing back home to Portugal, regaining full control over the quality and premium finishing of their products. While the first Faro5’s and the Solar Charging Dock prototypes were produced at a Central European shipyard, the Faroboats team soon felt that production should be brought closer to home at this early stage, for further quality control.

We needed a World-Class Partner with vast International experience, and we certainly found it with M.A.R./Nelo. Anyone who has had any contact with high- performance worldwide competition in kayaks and canoeing knows this Brand: with 93 Olympic Medals conquered aboard their watercraft, they’re quite simply the best in the world. Their superb manufacturing facilities in Northern Portugal will be more than capable of producing the Faro5 and its Solar Docking Station to our demanding standards.

This move forms a natural alliance: an established global player expanding its water-bound production capabilities will be providing state-of-the-art production facilities and specialised staff to a young, ambitious and highly innovative watercraft company. 

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Faroboats partners with prior yachting for excellence in Benelux and German markets

Portuguese boatbuilder Faroboats, creators of the world’s first fully self-sustainable solution in powerboating, have just signed an exclusivity deal with Dutch Yacht Broker Prior Yachting to bring both the Faro5, its Solar Docking Station and any new Faroboats launches to The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and most of Northern Germany.

And since Faroboats has already confirmed attendance at this year’s Cannesand Monaco Boat Shows, you may yet see the results of this new partnership in action when you visit either - or both.

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Financiamento no âmbito do programa crescimento azul 

Através do Acordo sobre o Espaço Económico Europeu (EEE), a Islândia, o Liechtenstein e a Noruega são parceiros no mercado interno com os Estados-Membros da União Europeia. Como forma de promover um contínuo e equilibrado reforço das relações económicas e comerciais, as partes do Acordo do EEE estabeleceram um Mecanismo Financeiro plurianual, conhecido como EEA Grants. Os EEA Grants têm como objetivos reduzir as disparidades sociais e económicas na Europa e reforçar as relações bilaterais entre estes três países e os países beneficiários. Para o período 2014-2021, foi acordada uma contribuição total de 2,8 mil milhões de euros para 15 países beneficiários. Portugal beneficiará de uma verba de 102,7 milhões de euros. Saiba mais em