We don't manufacture boats.
We handcraft them.

A Faro5 is a Luxury statement. Each Faro5 is unique, and there should be no two alike, so we do not mass-produce them.

Extreme care, aesthetic judgement and attention to detail in each Faro5 cannot be replicated by machines

The latest technologies go into both the production process and the final product.

But we build each Faro5 one by one.

No robot can produce unique objects of adoration. Once programmed, they will either produce exactly the same object, or randomly produce things that can be nice, but often are exactly that - random. There is no machine capable of carefully selecting the right hue and vein of each Cryptomeria wood slate to match or contrast the previous one. So we do it by hand. Carefully. Meticulously. Lovingly.

Of course we use the latest tech to vacuum-infuse our hulls, making sure each one is rock-solid and unsinkable. And we naturally use RimDrive outboards because they are the most advanced solution in electric motors today.

Much like our design, we seamlessly combine the latest technologies with supremely human, ancestral savoir faire.

We hand-pick our fibreglass and epoxy resins to be the least harmful to the environment.

Industrial fibreglass and epoxy resins basically do the same job and are certainly less costly. But our environment cannot afford cutting corners, the time for that is gone. That is why we carefully selected our fibreglass and resins among the most environment-friendly. They cost more, but they are well worth it. That’s also why we are constantly researching new materials and solutions to go one step further into sustainability; new organic materials and resins, new wind generation solutions and new mobility combinations are now well under our horizon.

Unsinkable hull.

Vacuum-infusing epoxy resin into the whole structure, it merges with the foam-filled hull to avoid air pockets, resulting in a more solid, structurally sound, unsinkable hull.

Hulls sink whenever large pockets of air get filled up with water. The solution? No such pockets of air. By vacuum-infusing and filling every unnecessary space with epoxy resin and high-float materials, we ensure the structural integrity, the increased solidity and the unsinkability of every Faro5 hull.

The latest technologies go into both the production process and the final product, But we build each Faro5 one by one.

Financiamento no âmbito do programa crescimento azul 

Através do Acordo sobre o Espaço Económico Europeu (EEE), a Islândia, o Liechtenstein e a Noruega são parceiros no mercado interno com os Estados-Membros da União Europeia. Como forma de promover um contínuo e equilibrado reforço das relações económicas e comerciais, as partes do Acordo do EEE estabeleceram um Mecanismo Financeiro plurianual, conhecido como EEA Grants. Os EEA Grants têm como objetivos reduzir as disparidades sociais e económicas na Europa e reforçar as relações bilaterais entre estes três países e os países beneficiários. Para o período 2014-2021, foi acordada uma contribuição total de 2,8 mil milhões de euros para 15 países beneficiários. Portugal beneficiará de uma verba de 102,7 milhões de euros. Saiba mais em eeagrants.gov.pt