We are a Portuguese company that designs and produces sustainable solutions for exploration and leisure boating. Our boats and docks are designed by Tomás Costa Lima, built in several European locations, and sold everywhere in the World. And we all share a passion for the sea, or we would not be Portuguese.

Our Mission:

Bringing self-renewable boating solutions to the world.

Discovery is an integral part of our heritage. It is said that the Portuguese “brought new worlds to the world”, and we’re proud of it. Salt water runs through our veins, navigation is instinctive to us, and the longest line you can find on our tiny map is our coastline. Portugal has very little land, but holds vast expanses of Ocean. So we care about both. Dearly. This is what drives us to find eco-friendly, self-renewable, sustainable solutions for exploration and leisure boating activities worldwide.

We’ve always had more ambition than our modest territory can hold. But unlike common greed, our main ambition has always been to discover and be discovered. History proves it, and our own ambitions confirm it. We do not wish to dominate, we simply love being loved. The constant pursuit of new solutions to further enjoy our amazing blue planet without further damaging it in the process is what drives us - or sails us - to work every single day. That, and showing those solutions to the rest of the world.

To design, build and offer boats and boating solutions that reduce or nullify environmental impact, we will pursue constant innovation, the exclusive use of materials that cause less damage to the planet, top-notch naval design and the use of alternative energies - these are the means we will use to carry out our mission.

Our Vision:

Faroboats will become a global benchmark in self-sustainable solutions for exploration and leisure boating.

Faroboats is currently the only boatbuilder in the world with a combined solution of electric boats and dedicated, custom-built solar charging dock. Our breakthroughs are merely the tip of the spear of innovation that we have imprinted into our company DNA. Complacency will not detain us, since we are constantly striving to improve the sustainability of our solutions, as well as our own.

Integrating new wind generation solutions; replacing all fibreglass with organic flax, and all foam hull fillings with cork; integrating new combined mobility and sail solutions: these are the kind of innovations already on our drawing boards that will keep Faroboats on the cutting edge of self-sustainable marine solutions. As the world acknowledges our work, we shall be followed, for the sake of our planet.

Our Values:

Our Mission will only succeed if carried out ethically, honourably, and with deep respect for all involved, including our planet.

towards all stakeholders, from employees, through partners and all suppliers, all the way to our customers and our planet.

of our company, of our boats, of our value chain, of our solutions, so that no outside influence will ever sway us from our course.

for climate-change, for people, for the well-being of all involved, including ourselves, our networks and our customers.

to new ideas, new mindsets, new answers to old problems, new people and communities, new ways of living.

in the way we design, in the way we build, in the way we communicate, in the way we partner to conduct business.

in planning, in executing, in thinking how we can further help, in our future and that of our planet, in the pursuit of happiness.

by boldly going where no boatbuilder has gone before, by providing the means for your personal adventure in life.

even though we may even fail, you will know the truth from us, for trust is hard to build and easy to break.

something to hold and keep in everything we do or say, in every aspect of our activities, in the way we provide service to you.

The Faro5 is exclusively produced with FSC-certified, sustainably forested Cryptomeria wood from the Portuguese Azores islands.


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