The latest technologies go into both the production process and the final product.

But we build each Faro5 one by one.

No robot can produce unique objects of adoration. Once programmed, they will either produce exactly the same object, or randomly produce things that can be nice, but often are exactly that - random. There is no machine capable of carefully selecting the right hue and vein of each Cryptomeria wood slate to match or contrast the previous one. So we do it by hand. Carefully. Meticulously. Lovingly.

Of course we use the latest tech to vacuum-infuse our hulls, making sure each one is rock-solid and unsinkable. And we naturally use RimDrive outboards because they are the most advanced solution in electric motors today.

Much like our design, we seamlessly combine the latest technologies with supremely human, ancestral savoir faire.
High Quality Materials.
“It’s all in the quality of the ingredients.” How many times have you heard a famous chef state this? We took the same approach. No compromise.

If you want to build a world-class boat, you need to find and procure world-class materials, no matter where they are, up to the last detail. The quality of each material, from a recessed cleat to the very last bolt, is paramount to the quality of your experience.
Zero Emissions.
Climate change is upon us. At the very least, anything we can do to fight it, we should. That is why Zero emissions is the hard limit at Faroboats.Guilt-free leisure boating at long last.
Absolute Quietness.
A forest, a lake or a coastline are never quite quiet. The reason why you seldom listen to them is your motor. But no such think as disturbing noise will come out of a FaroBoat. You will quietly sail through the sounds you really want to hear
Unsinkable hull.
Hulls sink whenever large pockets of air get filled up with water. The solution? No such pockets of air. By vacuum-infusing and filling every unnecessary space with high-float materials, we ensure the structural integrity, the increased solidity and the unsinkability of every Faro5 hull.
The Solar Docking Station

This Solar-Charging, floating dock is really the culmination of our vision of self-sustainability. Literally designed for each other, the dock not only charges the Faro5’s batteries in within a span of 3 to 4 hours, but it can raise it completely out of the water to keep its hull dry and free of any fouling. And the solar panels charge all the dock batteries within the course of a sunny day.

While the Faro5 can naturally be charged from any grid outlet, the beauty and convenience of the FaroBoats Solar Set lays on its full independence from any human infrastructure. The Solar Docking Station recharges its batteries, and then it can fully charge the Faro5 in less than three hours; anytime, anywhere, regardless of the existence of any power grid at hand. The dock itself is towable, so you can take it anywhere and have the absolute freedom of quietly exploring some of the remotest, most exquisite corners of the world.

The luxurious details of the Faro5 were designed to reward you with the perfect day on the water. From the full controls and status indicators on a single, full sized LED monitor, to the spacious storage spaces hidden away, through the built-in cooler and superb sound system, every detail tends to your comfort and peace of mind on the water.

But what strikes you when you look at the Faro5 for the first time, is how stunningly different it is from any other boat in existence today. It is a strange, dual feeling, since it seems to transport you to the glamorous 1920’s, but its ultra-modern profile sets it squarely within the 2020’s.


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