Custom-built for perfect days under the sun.

The Faroboats Solar Set was specifically designed to provide you with carefree, environment-conscious, zero emissions, power boating fun in style. It suits you. It suits your lifestyle, your status, your naturally demanding nature. But it can be further customised. Whether you own a super yacht and would like the Faro5 and its dock properly integrated, or whether your are one of those rare individuals for whom “one of a kind” is an absolute must, we can design and produce fully bespoke versions of the Faro5 and it’s Solar Docking Station. Your dedicated team of naval designers is one message away from planning your fully customised solution. Furthermore, any kind of navigation kit, entertainment system or optional fittings and equipment can be fully integrated into the Faro5 according to your choices and preferences. Let us know what you dreamed of, and we will make it a reality for you.

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As far as our team of naval designers is concerned, no idea is too far-fetched, no dream is unachievable, no demand is too excessive. We even have some truly groundbreaking concepts on our drawing boards that are dying to come into the light of day. So do drop us a line. We will immediately contact you to discuss your ideas and then strive to make your dreams come true. We’ve done it before, and we’ll keep doing it for as long as there are worthy dreamers in the world.

Financiamento no âmbito do programa crescimento azul 

Através do Acordo sobre o Espaço Económico Europeu (EEE), a Islândia, o Liechtenstein e a Noruega são parceiros no mercado interno com os Estados-Membros da União Europeia. Como forma de promover um contínuo e equilibrado reforço das relações económicas e comerciais, as partes do Acordo do EEE estabeleceram um Mecanismo Financeiro plurianual, conhecido como EEA Grants. Os EEA Grants têm como objetivos reduzir as disparidades sociais e económicas na Europa e reforçar as relações bilaterais entre estes três países e os países beneficiários. Para o período 2014-2021, foi acordada uma contribuição total de 2,8 mil milhões de euros para 15 países beneficiários. Portugal beneficiará de uma verba de 102,7 milhões de euros. Saiba mais em