Our Faro5 is clearly inspired by its 1920’s ancestors - with a few environmental twists.

The sleek lines of this 16 ft electric-powered boat can only be described as stunning, as it quietly slices the placid waters of the Bajkał Lagoon where it was first trialed back in early 2021.

The major challenge for Tomas Costa Lima, our naval designer, was to capture the timeless quality of a perfect wood finish in an ultra-modern, streamline design that could be built sustainably. We crossed half of the Atlantic, all the way to the Portuguese Azores Islands, to find an outstanding kind of wood that is sustainably forested there: the Cryptomeria Japonica, sometimes called Japanese Cedar, a very large evergreen tree that is similar to the related giant sequoia.

The rest will be History: Riding the Faro5 is the closest thing to sailing you can experience aboard a powerboat. The extreme V-shape of the planing hull was built for the sea. It seats 5 in ample comfort. And the exquisite details around the cockpit bring the glamorous 1920’s into the XXIst century, with its built-in cooler and cup holders, top-of-the-line Fusion Stereo System featuring powerful marine speakers, and bow seats that are hidden and flush with the top deck when not in use.
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