The World's First Fully Self-Sustainable Solution for Leisure Boating
The Faro5 Solar Set is the first fully autonomous, 100% sustainable boating solution that combines the unique elegance of the Faro5 Runabout with a custom designed, Solar Charging Dock, complete with integrated raising winch.

The outstanding properties of the rare Cryptomeria wood enveloping its deck are but one example of how sophistication, elegance and premium materials can still embrace the planet.
The Faro Powerdock ®

Recharge Your Emotions.

This Solar-Charging, floating Powerdock® not only charges the 6kW Faro5 in less than three hours, but it can also raise it completely out of the water to keep its hull dry and free of any fouling.

The New Faro Open

A brand new 7-seater with the same sleek design as the Faro5, for larger groups of family, friends or guests.

100% Electric

Sustainability in Style.

Cryptomeria wood is just one of the premium materials options - an exceptionally light, enduring wood produced sustainably in the Azores Islands in Portugal. The top deck is also available in fiberglass, smoothly plain or with your own bespoke design.

Zero Emissions.

Climate change is upon us. At the very least, anything we can do to fight it, we should. That is why Zero emissions is the hard limit at Faroboats.Guilt-free leisure boating at long last.

Absolute Quietness.

A forest, a lake or a coastline are never quite quiet. The reason why you seldom listen to them is your motor. But no such think as disturbing noise will come out of a FaroBoat. You will quietly sail through the sounds you really want to hear

High Quality Materials.

Every detail on a Faroboat matters. The quality of each material, from the top deck to the last bulkhead, is paramount to the quality of your experience. We don't manufacture boats, we handcraft them one by one - it shows, and you feel it in your unique boat.


It seats five in ample comfort, with its bow seats hidden and flush with the top deck if not in use.

The luxurious details of the Faro5 were designed to reward you with the perfect day on the water. From the full controls status indicators on a single, full sized LED monitor, to the spacious storage spaces hidden away, through the built-in cooler and superb sound system, every single detail caters to your comfort and peace of mind.
We don't manufacture boats.
We handcraft them.

A Faro5 is a Luxury statement. Each Faro5 is unique, and there should be no two alike, so we do not mass-produce them. Extreme care, aesthetic judgement and attention to detail in each Faro5 cannot be replicated by machines. The latest technologies go into both the production process and the final product, but we build each Faro5 one by one. 


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